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The Pintxo is a culinary, social and cultural symbol of the Basque Country and, especially, of Donostia-San Sebastián.

A pintxo is not a tapa, a selection of snacks or a small plate. It is an individual bite-sized appetiser, carefully composed down to the last detail and especially made for the person who orders it.

Eating pintxos is a different experience which goes beyond gastronomic quality; it is unique in the world, and it has its own rules, rules of complete trust between yourself and the bar staff:


Make your way round the bars found side by side, where you will stand to eat and drink, either beside the bar or even in the street.


Help yourself to the cold pintxos on the bar, until you have had enough.


Ask the bar staff for hot pintxos, and for the drink of your choice.


When paying, tell the bar staff which pintxos you have eaten, and you will be charged accordingly.

The list

Pintxos – The Starred Chefs List – The 99 Best is a list showcasing the qualities of the pintxos in Donostia/San Sebastián. It isn’t a ranking. It sets out to recognise the quality of the cooks who strive to create these gastronomic gems using ingredients of the highest quality.

We chose a selection of the most representative pintxos from the wide range of options on offer in the city using data mining tools. We also visited countless establishments all over the different neighbourhoods to complete the result and not forget anybody.

We shared this selection with the 11 Michelin-starred cooks in Gipuzkoa province, who then voted anonymously according to their preferences. They also added more possibilities.

The result is the list of the 99 best pintxos in Donostia/San Sebastián, chosen by all the Michelin-starred cooks in Gipuzkoa province.

Each pintxo can be privately rated using the app. These votes will be taken into account to highlight the pintxo most highly rated by users. We also encourage you to propose new pintxos you think deserve to appear on the list, to be submitted in the future to our jury of chefs. Like this, between all of us, we’ll build up the list for the coming years.

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